Wow! 200 posts! I feel like I should celebrate or something 😀

This has been very fun to do. A blog…I never thought it would actually get written. To put myself (through my thoughts and words) out there for people to see (read) and be ok with that. I’ve learned of countries I didn’t know existed!  This is exciting!

My journey has been long, hilly, “valleyy” and the most amazing adventure one can have.

From growing up in a unique situation, to hitting bottom of the barrel kind of depression (thinking suicide was a good solution) to becoming positive, loving life in every moment, not just the good ones and reaching out to hopefully make some kind of difference in someone else’s life that might be going on the same path I just got off of.

When we allow fear to govern our thoughts and feelings, we miss out on so much!  We don’t love as much as we are capable of therefore we are not loved as much as we are made to be loved.

Our creativity is our most individual gift from God. We are so unique, so powerful and so beautiful!

Do we believe it? Do we embrace that truth? Do we live like it?

So, today to celebrate my 200th post, I am loving with all my heart, learning deeply and sharing it with everyone I come across.

“What are you doing today that will make the day better for yourself and your world?”