I was so excited on Saturday afternoon, my oldest daughter (Kamilla) called to let me know that my youngest daughter (Adrianne) that had been with her down at Lake Powell was on her way home to us!

Yup, my little ray of sunshine was coming home! I missed her!

It was late at night and we went to get her 30-40 minutes away from our home going south. As we are happily driving home with Adrianne in the car, half way to our destination we get a phone call from my second oldest daughter, Aileen (almost midnight) and she has been in a car accident. She is fine, very shook up and needs a ride (an hour north of us), so we just kept on driving on the freeway towards her.

As I was talking to her on the phone, she fell apart. She had fallen asleep behind the wheel and got really close to the car in front of her, she over corrected and went left, which was the middle of the freeway, then she over corrected ¬†again and crossed the freeway (all 5 lanes, including the on ramp), didn’t hit anybody, she hit the dirt shoulder, spun around and got turned to the opposite direction of traffic, landed on the driver side of the car (the people who called in, said it was a rollover, but it wasn’t…barely) and her car landed on 4 wheels.

With all of that, her airbag didn’t deploy, she has not a scratch or bruise, she said that she felt someone just held her in place (she didn’t even hit the door of the car), also, no windows broke or the doors didn’t get smashed in. She has not a bruise or scratch to tell the tale.

I told her that God had just delivered a miracle to her, give thanks.

As a mother my heart went to my toes and back. I was giving thanks to God all the miles there.

She is fine, we are finding out on the car today. She named him Scout. I thank the Lord Scout was sound and held together so my baby would be safe.

I thanked the Lord for sending angels from heaven to hold her in place so she would be safe.

So, from where I stand today, miracles still happening. For that I am very grateful!