Have you ever looked back on a day, month, year or decade and wished you had made different choices, done things better, forgiven quicker or simply would do anything for a chance to do things over?
Welcome to your humanity!

Unfortunately time keeps on moving forward and stops for no one, never rewinds and moves things along regularly and continually.

That leaves us with regret. The Noah Webster 1828 dictionary says:

Basically, regret is pain. 

I like to find good in things that happen to me, especially the pain of regret. I am consciously choosing to let regret empower me. There are decades of regret of not taking better care of my body. Not exercising and eating better. Done with that program. This is the year I am going to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I am worth the time, effort and money that it takes to be healthy and I am worthy of it, period. 

Regret of words not spoken, or worse, spoken in anger; raising kids in a way that was not the best, yet, it was the best I had at that time; doing things I knew better than to do and did them anyway…the list is long. The action step is simple; stop feeling bad and start the change by speaking kindly today, being a better parent to my grown children  today, making better choices today. It changes the outcome, it changes me and it changes my world.


 The choice is always mine. When looking back on the decades wasted and gone, I can let it fuel me to change or I can do nothing and let time go by, knowing with certainty that later on, the regret will be greater and more painful.That is not acceptable!

What are you doing with your regrets?What are you letting them do to your mind and heart? Take charge and use them to bring good into your life! Stop feeling bad and start feeling empowered by them to do different, be more and go places you never been in life, because you didn’t know they existed! 

See you in the doing of things!