Have you stopped to look at the things God does for you everyday without fail?

He hangs the sun in the sky; the breeze to touch your skin; the weather is there, good or bad there is something to take note; he wakes you up every day in a body that holds your spirit and helps you do whatever it is that you do.

He listens to the prayers you say on your knees, in your car, on your walk, or He listens to the silence that comes from your heart because you are too hurt to talk to Him right now…He is there with you, do you let Him in?

He makes time pass, independent of your hurry or dreading of time, it is going to pass…He is punctual, perfect on the delivery of whatever is yours to have today.

Have you stopped and really looked at a flower and its intricate details, no flower is like another…and that is just a flower…He created a whole world for us to act upon, to rule over and to find joy in its details.

Today I had the privilege of watching the sun wake up the world as it does every day, regardless if we are watching or not. It puts on its majestic and it appears on the east horizon of wherever we are on the planet when morning comes.

So does God, He shows up in our lives every single day…do we let Him in to do what He does best?